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Welcome to The Prog Blog: my personal programming blog. I use this as a platform to discuss my thoghts and experiences. I'm not an authority in the software engineering world. When reading these, consider the following:

The fastest way to learn is to be wrong in public.
Improving our Jest execution time by 300%
Learn about how our team was able to reduce our Jest test execution time by over 300%

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The AI Endgame
A level-headed evaluation of generative AI's true potential

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Own Your Development Process.
Larger companies face issues with agile which small companies don't have to consider. When a company is large...

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The End of The Endless Scroll
Since 2020, my average screen time has probably been over 7 hours a day, and probably double that on weekends. The pandemic situation...

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ChatGPT: Accessibility and Convenience in Exchange for Authenticity
ChatGPT has taken over the world. In less than two months, the AI tool stormed the web and revolutionized...

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The Modern Approach to Getting That First Job
Landing your first industry job can be quite confusing. It’s your first time navigating the landscape...

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Create a Command Line Python Application for a Rotational Cipher
I don't have a background in cryptography, but it sure is fun. I was sitting in class, bored...

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Create 3D Art For The Web With Spline
This week, I felt an urge to re-visit a concept that I learned a while ago. Around this time last year, I was introduced to three.js...

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A Week of Learning: Docker
This week, I took a few hours to really sit down and understand the core concepts of Docker.

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